Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy technology designed, engineered, and built in Canada.

Love at first breath

OxyNova Hyperbaric company was founded by Vincent Tardif in the early 2000s, in Quebec, Canada.

Vincent’s professional background before OxyNova was a wholesome 15 years of experience as a saturation diver, working with underwater technologies, including with decompression chamber systems.

A business under pressure


My core business after professional diving and before hyperbaric technology was building inflatable riverboats for the Army Special Forces, all together with anything that goes underwater for professional diving and commercial driving.

The inflatable riverboat is essentially a big hyperbaric chamber, the body is under high pressure so the design has to be specific to those parameters.

When the Army Special Forces order a boat from a company they must rely on that company and on their knowledge of building, to be reliable, serviceable, and always safe.

  • Vincent Tardif

The natural transition from diving to HBOT


Vincent Tardif began his journey in the world of hyperbaric oxygen therapy by experiencing the extreme laws of gases under pressure as a saturation diver.

Vincent’s in-depth career within the diving and riverboat industries led to a natural transition to the industry of Hyperbaric Portable Oxygen Chambers.

Everything just clicked to pursue the passion to build technology that can provide real help.

  • Vincent Tardif

When you dive beneath the surface you are free.


Saturation diving is one of the toughest professions on the planet: — exposure to high pressure and gases, complex technical protocol & underwater work, 24/7 schedule.

The real-life experience with oxygen and pressure technologies provided our team with numerous advantages and infused the necessary know-how so we can build the most reliable, safe, and efficient inflatable chamber on the market.

High-performance diving technology and equipment are essentially your life support. You need to trust that.
  • Vincent Tardif

20 years of savoring every breath

For over 20 years, OxyNova company has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying premium flexible hyperbaric chamber systems worldwide. We are very confident that the experience with our hyperbaric technology will exceed your highest expectations.
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Designed with You in mind.

Centered on a heritage of technical innovation, goodwill, dedication, and integrity, OxyNova® technology has become a necessary part of the lives of numerous elite athletes, home users, and wellness centers all around the world.

Built to make a difference

We know that everything we do has an impact on people’s lives, their body and health performance, we have a responsibility to develop our technology to solve real-life issues.

Quality and safety control procedures

OxyNova® chambers undergo a multi-stage inspection at the manufacturing, assembly, and shipping levels to ensure our customer’s safety and satisfaction.

Efficient hyperbaric technology

We build premium inflatable HBOT chamber systems that are very safe and efficient for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. OxyNova chambers provide an array of exclusive features that set us apart within our industry.

Always here for you. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are focused on using hyperbaric technology to help people reach their health and body performance objectives.

Giving back to society is a core part of who we are

Ever since we started our company in the 2000s, we believed that doing good in the world is the right thing to do, regardless if it’s good for business or not.

You have our support.

In our company’s history, we have donated over 100 hyperbaric chambers to various causes that solicited our help and we’ll continue to be available anytime necessary.

Sports play a pivotal role in our brand culture and research activity.

We dedicate our company’s efforts to improve our products in order to serve elite sports athletes.

We’ve supported many humanitarian initiatives, mountain expeditions, elite athletes, sports competitions, even made a prototype chamber for an Everest expedition.

In the last decade, competitive sports have reached new peaks of performance.

Sports intensity has increased together with the incidence of sports injuries and the need for efficient therapy to recover and sustain performance.

HBOT has become a recovery protocol & sports performance enhancer for the most awarded athletes in the world. We’re happy to give our support. 

HBOT & Sports

Share your story.

If you have a great story, write to us and maybe we can help. We cannot possibly be of service to everyone, however much we would wish, but you can count on us to review your application with thoughtful consideration.

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Good technology should last a lifetime.

We are the only company on the market to offer a Lifetime Warranty, for both personal and commercial use. The decision to extend a lifetime warranty is the result of two decades of testing, designing, client experience feedback, and the longevity of our chambers in use, still perfectly working on the market.

Our consulting approach


At your service

We need to ensure that our technology can deliver the right optimization for you.

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